Asterisk. Конфигурационный файл cdr_tds.conf.

Asterisk может хранить записи CDR в базе данных FreeTDS (включая СУБД MS SQL), используя модуль При загрузке этого модуля используется конфигурационный файл cdr_tds.conf.
После успешного установления соединения данные CDR записываются в эту базу данных.

Пример файла:

; Asterisk Call Detail Records (CDR) - FreeTDS Backend


; Connection
; Use the 'connection' keyword to specify one of the instance names from your
; 'freetds.conf' file. Note that 'freetds.conf' is not an Asterisk
; configuration file, but one specific to the FreeTDS library. See the FreeTDS
; documentation on 'freetds.conf' for more information:
; Accepted values: One of the connections specified in freetds.conf


; Database Name
; The 'dbname' keyword specifies the database name to use when logging CDRs.
; Accepted values: Any valid database name


; Database Table Name
; The 'table' keyword identifies which database table is used to log CDRs.
; Accepted value: Any valid table name
; Default value: If not specified, a table named 'cdr' is assumed


; Credentials
; The 'username' and 'password' keywords specify the user credentials that
; Asterisk should use when connecting to the database.
; Accepted value: Any valid username and password


; Language
; The 'language' keyword changes the language which are used for error and
; information messages returned by SQL Server. Each database and user has their
; own default value, and this default can be overriden here.
; Accepted value: Any language installed on the target SQL Server.
; Default value: us_english


; Character Set
; The 'charset' setting is used to change the character set used when connecting
; to the database server. Each database and database user has their own
; character set setting, and this default can be overriden here.
; Accepted value: Any valid character set available on the target SQL server.
; Default value: iso_1


; High Resolution Times
; The 'hrtime' setting is used to store high resolution (sub second) times for
; billsec and duration fields.
; Accepted value: true or false
; Default value: false