Asterisk. Конфигурационный файл gtalk.conf.

В этом конфигурационном файле определяются параметры для соединения с Google Talk.

Пример файла:

;context=default ; Context to dump call into
;bindaddr= ; Address to bind to
;externip= ; Set your external ip if you are behind a NAT.
; ; Get your external ip from a STUN server.
; Note, if the STUN query is successful, this will
; replace any value placed in externip;
;allowguest=yes ; Allow calls from people not in list of peers
;parkinglot=soccer ; Sets the default parking lot for call parking
; Parkinglots are configured in features.conf

;[guest] ; special account for options on guest account

; ; username of the peer your
; calling or accepting calls from
;connection=asterisk ; client or component in jabber.conf for the
; call to leave on.