Asterisk. Конфигурационный файл jabber.conf.

Файл jabber.conf определяет информацию, необходимую для взаимодействия Asterisk с сервером XMPP (Jabber).

Пример файла.
;debug=yes ; Enable debugging (disabled by default).
;autoprune=yes ; Auto remove users from buddy list. Depending on your setup (ie, using your personal Gtalk account for a test) you might lose your contacts list. Default is 'no'.
;autoregister=yes ; Auto register users from buddy list.
;collection_nodes=yes ; Enable support for XEP-0248 for use with distributed device state. Default is 'no'.
;pubsub_autocreate=yes ; Whether or not the PubSub server supports/is using auto-create for nodes. If it is, we have to explicitly pre-create nodes before publishing them. Default is 'no'.
;auth_policy=accept ; Auto accept users' subscription requests (default). Set to deny for auto denial.
;type=client ; Client or Component connection
; ; Route to server for example,
; ; Node to use for publishing events via PubSub
; ; Username with optional resource.
;secret=blah ; Password
;priority=1 ; Resource priority
;port=5222 ; Port to use defaults to 5222
;usetls=yes ; Use tls or not
;usesasl=yes ; Use sasl or not
; ; Manual addition of buddy to list. For distributed events, these buddies are automatically added in the whitelist as 'owners' of the node(s).
;distribute_events=yes ; Whether or not to distribute events using this connection. Default is 'no'.
;status=available ; One of: chat, available, away, xaway, or dnd
;statusmessage="I am available" ; Have custom status message for Asterisk
;timeout=5 ; Timeout (in seconds) on the message stack, defaults to 5. Messages stored longer than this value will be deleted by Asterisk. This option applies to incoming messages only, which are intended to
; be processed by the JABBER_RECEIVE dialplan function.
;sendtodialplan=yes ; Send incoming messages into the dialplan. Off by default.
;context=messages ; Dialplan context to send incoming messages to. If not set, "default" will be used.