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Myofascial relaxation massage, available at Amrita Spa in Malviya Nagar Delhi, is a massage technique that belongs to manual stretching therapy. Its main purpose is to relax the fascia and the tissues between it, the bones and muscles, including the dermis. This is achieved by manipulating the so-called. trigger points of pain, also called "key points". The technique involves prolonged pressing of the spots and stretching of the fascia and tissues.

The fascia is located between the muscles and bones and between the muscles and the dermis (a group of covering tissues including the skin). It is a network of connective tissues that connect muscles, organs and bones. Blood vessels, nerves and lymphatic channels pass through it.

Muscles and fascia create a common structure - myofascia.

If temporary problems occur in a particular part of the fascia that limit its permeability and tone, it can cause changes in other parts of the fascia in close areas of the body, such as pulling a spider web. Such changes in fascia occur most often after:


  •     impact injuries;
  •     overstretching;
  •     muscular injuries (breaks in whole myofibrils and bundles);
  •     micromuscular injuries in combination with heavy blood flow, high lactic acid levels and deficiency of mineral salts (due to heavy volume training for one or more close muscle groups);
  •     pressure and poor blood flow due to poor posture;

    another type of local stress.

This is where myofascial relaxation massage comes into play. It aims to restore tissue balance by improving blood flow and dissipating tension in the fascia and surrounding tissues.

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