One month into the NBA season , the Boston Celtics

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who were widely considered an Eastern Conference favorite, have a 7-6 record, tied with the Charlotte Hornets. And the team is starting to sense something’s off. After a 1-4 road trip ended with a 100-94 loss to the Portland TrailYouth Keanu Neal Jersey Blazers, Kyrie Irving had a pair of cryptic quotes for the media. “We’re not as good as we think we are,” Irving said. “That’s what it comes down to.” That’s a tough statement from the team’s point guard, but not nearly as bizarre as what he followed up with. “Right now I think it would be nice if we had someone that was a 15-year vet” Irving said. “A 14-year vet that could kind of help us race along the regular season and understand it’s a long marathon rather than just a full-on sprint.”Oh?Does Irving mean to throw shade with this quote?Irving’s quote could mean everything or nothing — we remember the round-Earth quotes after all. But it’s extremely strange for him to request for a vet of that age for two reasons: He just left LeBron James’ team on his own will, and Al Horford, his co-star has played for 12 years. The two years off from his benchmark 14 or 15 can’t make that much of a difference.Irving referenced Aron Baynes and Al Horford being considered vets alongside himself in the sentence leading up to his request, as if to say they weren’t old enough to fill that role. So he didn’t completely ignore them, but what’s he getting at? In fact, there are a number of players in the Celtics’ rotation who have been in the league for a while:Aron Baynes is in Year 7Marcus Morris is in Year 8Gordon Hayward is in Year 9Al Horford is in Year 12What does a 14 or 15-year vet have that those guys don’t? What is Irving searching for? How will the locker room react?There’s more questions than answers in Irving’s postgame quote.Can the Celtics turn this ship around?Boston’s had a tough start to the season with a difficult schedule, Hayward returning from serious injury and Jayson Tatum suffering from a bit of a sophomore slump. Luckily, the schedule gets a bit easier towards the end of November. Out of 10 games, four of them are against some of the league’s worst teams: the Knicks, Hawks Youth Austin Hooper Jersey , Bulls, and Mavericks. Hopefully at that point, head coach Brad Stevens can make the right adjustments to get this contending roster back on track.Because the vibes surrounding this team are hinting that the wheels may come off sooner rather than later. When Florida State visits Notre Dame in South Bend on Saturday night, the Fighting Irish will bust out green jerseys, something they’ve done periodically for decades. The color scheme ND chose was, uh, interesting: It might be a little surprising to consider a game against a 4-5 Florida State to be a special game worthy of special gear, but the Irish are treating it as a Senior Night reward for a team that’s 9-0. Plus, when you’re on course for a Playoff bid, any game is a big game. And FSU and Notre Dame have some deep championship history together.The exact debut for Notre Dame in green jerseys is unknown, but the Irish started wearing them on occasion in the 1920s. Former Irish coach Knute Rockne was first with the idea for his players to put on the shamrock-colored threads, mostly for contrasting purposes, school historians say: The Fighting Irish won that game against Navy, and the green jerseys worked against Navy the next year, 1928, too. The greens came out at various times under different coaches over the years Womens Andy Levitre Jersey , but not too regularly until Frank Leahy took over in 1942. 1947 Heisman winner Johnny Lujack wore a green jersey when he was on the cover of Life magazine. Leahy’s teams used the green jerseys more often than not during his tenure, and that continued through the Terry Brennan years, which ended in 1958. EbayThe next two coaches, Joe Kuharich and Hugh Devore, only used them sparingly, per the school. In the 1970s, Notre Dame started using the green jerseys to surprise USC.The school’s account of a 1977 game in South Bend: Dan Devine was the Irish’s coach at that point. He had Notre Dame wear green for 44 straight games at one point, up to his last game in 1980. Devine’s Irish were 32-9-1 in green.In 1985, Notre Dame pulled a halftime switch, going from blue jerseys to green at halftime in a game against USC.The Irish were already up 27-0, but coach Gerry Faust had to keep his word: “The rule doesn’t specifically say you cannot do this,” Big 12 referee Mike Defee told SB Nation, years later, when asked whether a team these days could do this. “It says players shall wear colors of contrasting color.”Since the ‘80s, the green jerseys have settled in as just an occasional thing.They’re usually reserved for bigger games.“The 1992 Sugar Bowl against Florida sticks out quite a bit,” One Foot Down’s Joshua Vowles told me. “Jerome Bettis ran wild in the white version with green numbers. So dope. Rick Mirer and Bettis doing the Gator chomp is pretty much my favorite picture ever.” They wore them again for the ‘95 Fiesta Bowl Youth Brian Poole Jersey , losing to Colorado 41-24. Bob Davie’s 1999 Gator Bowl team lost to Georgia Tech wearing them, and ND lost to Boston College in 2002 in them under Ty Willingham. Thanks to outcomes of certain games while wearing them, some ND fans have unpleasant memories of the jerseys. That BC game “was the classic example of when not to wear them,” OFD’s Vowles said of his most memorable green jersey game memories. “And ND lost. This is why Irish fans cringe at the thought of wearing the green.” More recently, Charlie Weis’ teams went 1-2 in green, losing twice to USC and beating Army: Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty ImagesOne of those USC losses was the “Bush Push” game, in which Reggie Bush literally pushed Matt Leinart into the end zone for the winning TD with seconds left: Brian Kelly’s Notre Dame teams are 3-0 in green jerseys. The last time was in 2015, when the Irish beat Boston College at Fenway Park, 19-6. The unis from that game were newer looking, and they look a bit similar to the ones ND will wear against the Noles. Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty ImagesThe green is a cool tradition that’s been part of ND’s history for years.Per The Glaze Page’s ND uniform history, ND has worn green jerseys at one point or another in 45 different years, dating back to the 1920s. “To me, the green jerseys are actually really cool and give the team a retro Joe Montana vibe,” lifelong ND fan Jessica Smetana of Sports Illustrated said. But the jersey color is secondary to the results. “I truly do not care, as long as they win.”