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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill put his love for Halloween on display this past Sunday when he exited the Chiefs locker room in an inflatable sumo wrestler suit to “go scare his son” in. As it turns out Eric Murray Jersey , though, that wasn’t the only way he celebrated the holiday this past weekend. On his YouTube channel, Hill takes us behind the scenes in a 12-minute video of the costume party he threw at his home on Friday night for his Kansas City Chiefs teammates, friends and family. The highlights0:01 - Hill (surprisingly dressed as a ninja and NOT a cheetah) opens the video with an introduction alongside his fianc茅e, also a ninja, before letting us viewers virtually party with them..0:19 - Guac, wings and mac-n-cheese, veggie tray...(my mouth is literally watering as I type)... close-ups of a glorious appetizer spread put on by “Chef D” set the stage for the chef’s cameo, where he invites you to follow him and his food truck (@deeznachoskc) on Instagram. Nachos? Food truck? Omw.0:46 -It’s intro time. Gehrig Dieter is the first to come into frame wearing a (very familiar looking) inflatable sumo wrestler suit. He’s standing next to quarterback Patrick Mahomes Authentic Ron Parker Jersey , who’s sporting a hilarious inflatable T-Rex suit for his Jurassic Park couples costume. 1:23 - “If you want a body like this, eat like this,” Chris Conley (aka, Val-Zod) says while flexing his plate and foam muscles. He’s with his girlfriend, who is the “Powergirl” to his “Val-Zod.” So many couples costumes, so little time. 2:00 - Sammy Watkins arrives as a mad scientist with his “assistant,” of course. 2:32 - What: Ping Pong battle. Who: Dieter vs. Sherman. Where: Tyreek’s Garage. Winner: Unannounced.3:55 - “Get your a** out!” - Chris Conley, after being deemed the loser in a round of categories. 4:00 - Hill chooses the next category and goes with “things you see at a strip club.” He kicks the round off with “cheeks.” 6:37 - Categories still going strong and the topic is NFL teams. Tyreek yells/growls “PATRIOTS.”8:46 - Mahomes fumbles then gets ejected on the “types-of-shoes” round. “Uh, EDIDAS” (read: Adidas) Limited Harrison Butker Jersey , Mahomes says. 8:50 - “It’s ADIDAS, not EDIDAS. Your a** out,” Conley says. 12:00 - Chris Conley and Demarcus Robinson’s girlfriend are the final two left. Robinson’s girlfriend takes home the gold on the category, “things you find in a classroom.” 12:29 - Conley calls for a rematch and loses AGAIN. END - “NOOOOOO,” Dieter yells. My thoughtsTyreek Hill knows how to throw a partyDespite wearing an inflatable costume, Dieter killed it at ping pongI need to try Chef D’s nachos ASAPChiefs players and their significant others win Halloween with their creative couples costumes.Categories appears to be THE game of choice at Chiefs parties and Mahomes’ voice gets the best of him again in the great EDIDAS/ADIDAS debate. One of the biggest threats the Kansas City Chiefs will face Sunday night against the Cincinnati Bengals has nothing to do with wins and losses, but rather their well being as human beings.I’m of course talking about Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who is coming off another instance in which he performed a dangerous and dirty play on an opposing player. Watch Burfict’s forearm-to-helmet hit on Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown from last week below:The hit came just two games into Burfict’s return from a four-game suspension for violation of the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy. It’s unclear right now whether the NFL plans to fine Burfict. It wouldn’t be the first time.Asked about Burfict on Friday afternoon, the Chiefs actually had some nice things to say about the Bengals linebacker.“This is the NFL Demarcus Robinson Jersey Salute to Service ,” ight end Travis Kelce explained. “The entire week last week (against the Patriots) I was getting tripped at the line of scrimmage. You got to be aware on the football field at all times. It’s grown men with pads and a reckless abandon, so I don’t think this week is any different. I know [Burfict] personally. I don’t think he’s out for anybody right now—it’s just the way he plays the game, you know what I mean? Either you got a guy like that on your team or you don’t.”Kelce continued.“He’s just like any other guy that I’ve played against,” he said. “It’s always been a respect type of thing. I’ve seen him on the field, off the field. He seems as personable as anybody else. He doesn’t seem like he has hate out here for somebody else. I think he’s just a very physical football player. I’m not defending the guy. I’m not saying that he’s not out here—I don’t frankly know. I just know that everything with me and him has been cool.”Tyreek Hill said he wished Burfict were a Chief.“I love him as a player,” Hill said. “I feel like if I was a D-coordinator and I had to choose any linebacker in the NFL, I would definitely choose him. He’s definitely that hard-nosed, solid tackler, just dirty and grimy linebacker that I like...I’m not going to lie. Some of the stuff he do—it’s kind of over the border Authentic Derrick Thomas Jersey , but as a player, I like him as a player.”I respect Kelce and Hill as players—they are two of the most talented athletes I have ever had the privilege to cover—but I strongly disagree with them here. After the play against Brown, Burfict pointed to Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and yelled, “You’re next!” according to the NFL Network.Burfict is the NFL’s single-player equivalent to the NFL’s infamous bounty-fund program, and it’s just a matter of time until he delivers a dirty blow that ends a career.Perhaps the tone of Hill and Kelce will change if that player happens to be a Chief on Sunday night.