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0:55: “Almost like a sunset over Pike Place.”3:10: ”’merica!”6:35: “Dr. Bobogagananaface.”12:39: “Rams fans https://www.ramsfanstore.com/Michael-Brockers-Jersey , they love themselves some sarcasm.”15:10: “It was dumb. I dunno about the luck part.”20:22: “Deion Primetime with your hosts Joey Prime Aucoin, Rob Prime Time Forehand.” ““It’s actually hosted by Optimus Prime.”“Optimus Prime! What time is the prime!”28:23 “What we see a lot of the time from situations like that is what they’re criticizing is kind of what Joey said. They’re criticizing the outcome.”33:49: “He’s like my great pumpkin.”35:34: “And this is where I can feel that I’m getting cut from both sides.”40:22: “How good was Jared Goff in the running game?!”45:50: “Is our backup slot receiver KhaDarel Hodge or is it Robert Woods?”50:30: “In my heart, there’s a LebowskiFest every weekend Joe Namath Color Rush Jersey , just a travelling caravan.”54:58: “It’s like a virus. It spreads. It spread before Twitter!”1:01:13: “We left so much porn on that field.”1:06:52: “The biggest criticism that we’ve got coming out of this game isn’t necessarily that the defense gave up 20 points. It’s that the offense only scored 23. It’s almost unacceptable.”1:12:56: “Well it’s interesting, because the men hurt each other. But in the end, it doesn’t really matter. It just makes me feel more grown up!” 2:10: Bucos!6:45: “I’m not doing the squirrel brain.”13:32: “Overall generally Nolan Cromwell Jersey , an ugly game, but for the most part it was kind of enjoyable from a Rams’ fans perspective because, as we talked about on the preview show Rodger Saffold Color Rush Jersey , I just never worried about them losing this game.”17:33: “You’re right, little guy. You’re right.”24:08: “Is Aaron Donald the best player in the NFL?”30:04: “Is it the midterms? Is it the lunar cycle? Are we out of phase with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius? What’s going with the kickers?”37:43: “We offered them an interception, and they politely declined.”43:02: “I have heard Aaron Donald’s skill set compared to a bear. What animal would you compare Michael Brockers’ skill set to?”45:02: “Sean McVay. Aaron Donald. Jared Goff. Todd Gurley. And the offensive line as a unit. Who would you pick for your MVP?”50:00: “Your mouth is spewing the garbage.”56:30:59:09: “It’s like the Harlem Globetrotters against the Washington Generals. Are you really gonna sit there and go https://www.ramsfanstore.com/Brian-Allen-Jersey , ‘Well the way they dismantled the Generals tonight...’”1:10:30: “Avoid the McVay today. It’s murder out there.”1:23:06: “My cockles are getting warm.”