Seeking Help For Printer Setup? Access The Link

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For the newbie who has just bought HP printer, setting up HP printer would be difficult and even they can’t do it by their own. In such condition, they can seek assistance to obtain an effectual ideas regarding HP printer setup. So, for them, we recommend to access the link by sitting at their home and walk-through the instructions provided in the post. By following the guidelines carefully, you and your helpless friend will definitely be able to get success in setting up printer and hence can freely print, scan, or fax the document with no hassle. For further query, you can put a single ring on 24/7 accessible helpline number. Our technical team is always ready to answer your call and give you helpful information regarding your problem.

WPS setup in one of the way to connect a wireless printer with a router. To setup this connection you need an 8 digit pin number. But some users are unable to find WPS Pin on HP Printer due to lack of technical knowledge. If you are facing any trouble in finding the WPS pin then get help from experts.

How to install HP printer for desktop 

Switch on the Desktop and Printer and install the drivers 

  • Turn on both the desktop and the HP printer to make it ready for set up and installation of the printer.
  • To install the drivers, you click on, write down your printer model number in the search area and click the search icon.
  • There you have to follow the instructions provided on-screen to download the drivers directly from the website. Under the ‘Driver’ you will find the option to ‘Download’. Click on the ‘Download’ tab.
  • Once the drivers start downloading, you will get a window pop-up with the device installation setting. This will have two option ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. 
  • You have to click on the radio button before ‘Yes’ and let the drivers download.


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