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Velocity Trim Keto To lose weight faster and maintain muscle tone, it would be good to associate the diet with any physical activity. If you don't have time to go to the gym you can try to walk at least 20 minutes a day, or maybe do some exercise bikes at home in the evening. Lose weight by eating while respecting the body To lose weight by eating you need to learn about our body and its needs. Knowing what the body's needs are and the basic nutritional principles of food can be much easier not only to follow a weight loss diet, but also to have a healthy post-diet diet. In general, it can be said that to lose weight by eating, the first thing to do is replace all highly caloric and low-nutrient foods with nutritious and low-calorie foods. This is why sweets, fried foods, pasta dishes with elaborate condiments, should be replaced with fruit, vegetables, simple pasta dishes and lean second courses. In principle, the principles for weight loss in eating are those of a balanced diet, that is, with a correct proportion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Naturally the quantities (especially of proteins and carbohydrates) depend on strictly subjective factors such as sex, age, lifestyle and physical activity practiced, but unless there are pathologies or particular hormonal dysfunctions for any subject, of any age whatsoever there is no it is the best solution for both the body and the mind of losing weight by eating. The stability of body weight in normal subjects is guaranteed by the balance between the amount of calories introduced with the diet and the amount of calories consumed. When this relationship is no longer in balance and the amount of calories introduced exceeds that of the calories consumed, the excess calories are stored in fat in the form of fat. If the situation persists over time, obesity may develop. A person can be defined as obese when his body weight is 20% higher than that considered ideal. Click Here to automatically calculate your ideal weight, overweight, body fat and / or obesity level. Pathological conditions of obesity Among the most frequent pathological conditions of obesity is diabetes or an alteration in the levels of fat in the blood.