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Simply Fit Keto Therefore, as a useful snack you need to choose products containing dietary fiber. So, fresh unsweetened fruit or vegetables, you can eat at any time in the amount of 100-150 g per reception. For example, as a snack you can use apples. They reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and improve the functioning of the intestines due to the high content of soluble dietary fiber - pectins. One medium sized apple with peel contains 3.5 g of dietary fiber, i.e. more than 10% of the daily requirement of the fibers needed by the body. Salads from fresh green vegetables without dressings have a pleasant taste, are not burdened by excess calories and also contain healthy fiber for the body. Fresh cucumbers and cabbage contain a unique substance - tartronic acid, which has the ability to slow down the process of converting carbohydrates into fats. The parsley contains inulin, which regulates the process of glucose metabolism in human blood, and thus blocks the feeling of hunger. Therefore, the use of parsley is revealed in the fight against diabetes and overweight. Nevertheless, you should not eat too much vegetables and fruits, because despite the presence in them of a large amount of useful vitamins and dietary fiber, one should not forget about the high content of carbohydrates. The most common mistake for self-losing weight is excessive absorption of healthy fruits and vegetables. Many do not realize that the excess amount of carbohydrates from food is converted into fat and deposited on the stomach and thighs. Dried fruits and nuts are very healthy and nutritious, however, they are high in calories. So be careful! Serving size should not exceed - 30-50 g (handful). Choose this type of snack in the morning. Voracious snacking options Whole grain breads (12–25 g) and muesli (30–50 g) may also be present between meals. They are rich in fiber and improve digestion. Ideal to combine them with fermented milk products.