Corns And Callouses - Causes And Cures

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Since the oil is naturally formulated, you don't  Keravita Pro Review have to worry because there will be no side effects even if you use it for months. A foot wart is a specific type of wart which is generally located at the bottom of the foot. It is usually about one centimeter in diameter and more often than not actually paler than the surrounding skin with small dark dots visible in the middle. Warts on the foot generally tend to group merge with each other and form larger groups. Due to its location, the wart is often very flat. It is possible that these warts can cause a substantial amount of pain to its host due to the continuous force applied to the area when walking. 

Furthermore, due to this continuous force, it is not unusual for the wart to grow inside the foot itself. Foot warts are sometimes also referred to as 'plantar warts', however the scientific name is 'verruca plantaris' which is more commonly shortened to 'verruca'. These warts are caused by what is called 'Human Papilloma Virus' (HPV), which is the cause of many other kinds of warts. HPV goes into the body through small scratches, cuts or piercings of the skin. HPV is a contagious virus and can be spread from host to host by first hand contact or even through contact with an object that has been in touched by an infected individual. 

Human Papilloma Virus thrives in damp and warm environments. Communal showers, public swimming pools, bathrooms etc are all perfect environments for the spread of the virus. It is advisable therefore to exercise appropriate precautions and, where it is possible, avoid walking bare footed in these viral breeding grounds. If you already have foot warts then it would be extremely considerate of you to be even more thorough with these precautions.