The Laws of Life Part Three

Опубликовано Francene Frayer - пт, 10/16/2020 - 13:32

I think fleetingly about a forthcoming general  Overnight Millionaire System Review election and then consider the second live leaders debate on the TV last night. I watched, it was interesting, it was full of false promises and half spoken truths and I realised that it wouldn't much matter who was in charge after the election. It was, to me, no more than a political cock fight. After a few moments of thought I realise that these are matters for other people and, already, there are many people heavily engaged in the process of making us all focus upon this event. The reality is that for people like me the next Government is totally irrelevant. 

They are unlikely to have any real impact on where my life goes from here on in. Does this mean I don't care? Absolutely not. I abhor the circus that current politics has evolved into. I detest all the incompetence I see in Government and I am finding it incredibly difficult to differentiate between the choices being presented. What's more I still cannot understand how such incompetence has been allowed to drive my beautiful country into the condition it is in. I will vote, of course, because how can you realistically feel entitled to an opinion if you do not; but I have no expectation of that vote changing my life or the lives of anybody else in any way.

Of course, it would the easiest thing to do to force myself to dwell upon this, to become emotionally involved in current politics and numerous other things going on around me except that I understand one thing now above all other things and I understand it better than most people I talk to. We now live in a world with few borders where we can choose to stay a while where ever we like.