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Опубликовано Francene Frayer - пт, 10/16/2020 - 15:16

Too often people seek out coaching when Organifi Gold Tea Review  their attempts to change who they are fail. They usually want help to figure out why the efforts are failing. What they didn't understand is that it is not their failure at this effort that makes them miserable, it is the belief that they can succeed at this impossible task but just haven't figured out how. I will boldly say that trying to change who you are is the surest way I know to make yourself miserable. 

Behavioral changes fail because, as I tell people regularly, "When you decide to make changes, you must remember that those around you did not make the same decision, and many of them have a vested interest in keeping you the way you are." It is not that they necessarily set out to deliberately sabotage your efforts, it's just that they are not interested in losing weight or losing their favorite fellow couch potato. And their lack of interest in your change will act as a drag on your attempts. I am very positive about change when its focus is on discovering, claiming, and celebrating one's natural skills and talents. 

As one claims more of the inherent skills one has and let's go of those attempts to master acquired skills, true change takes place. Frustration changes to satisfaction and dysfunctional behavior is replaced by that which gives joy and meaning. I am hopeful about behavioral change that people do not attempt to sustain outside of a context of systemic awareness. No amount of excitement or determination can take the place of a plan that anticipates and accounts for systemic ripple effects and their consequences. So, where does that leave our New Year's resolutions?