How to Follow Dream Therapy and Naturally Overcome All Mental Illnesses

Опубликовано Francene Frayer - чт, 10/29/2020 - 07:19

When it comes to different cultures and ethnic Meridian Health Protocol Review groups, this condition does not discriminate. Also, experts say that it affects men and women equally. In the United States alone, there are around 5 million people who suffer from bipolar disorders of some kind. When it comes to symptoms, they will differ from individual to individual. So far, no blood tests can conclusively show that the disorder is present in a person. It is pretty difficult to tell bipolar disorder from other similar disorders. Experts in the field also find it difficult to make accurate diagnosis. 

However, the symptoms of bipolar disorder will differ from unipolar depressive conditions when patients experience depressive symptoms together with manic ones. In other words, mania and depression will be the things to look out for to identify this condition. For those who are not familiar with depressive and maniac symptoms, the following are examples. When the sufferers of bipolar disorder are depressed they will feel sad, anxious, guilty, angry, isolated, hopeless, lonely, fatigued, no joy for life, no sexual appetite, poor concentration, suicidal and a general loss of motivation for life. When it comes to manic episodes, the following are the symptoms to look out for. 

First, there is increased energy, increased spending, low concentration, poor or distorted speech due to fast thoughts, the patient might abuse substances like sleeping pills, alcohol, cocaine and other stimulants. Patients that are manic will also be aggressive and somewhat uncontrollable. They will have an increased sexual drive and many will be euphoric to say the least. There are other symptoms that will be as a result of a milder mania which is commonly known as hypomania. There are so many aspects to this disorder and many that suffer around the world do not even know it.