God's Plan for Me

Опубликовано Francene Frayer - сб, 10/31/2020 - 07:17

They observe the phenomenal to understand 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review  and enlarge the Way for the metaphysical. In one example, we can understand the pattern of the Earth in the seasons. Everything comes out of winter into new life, working producing, moving at a greater and greater rate expanding into the peak of summer before returning again, slowing down and resting in the stillness of winter. We too need this rest, this stillness. We need to allow the old to fall away, to return to simplicity and contemplate the source of life before going out and gradually expanding again. 

Superior people are able to empty their thoughts. They decrease thought and decrease action, returning to the space 'beyond thought' and 'beyond action', allowing the original source to arise into prominence in their consciousness. Just as superior people see the spiritual in the world, we should see Heaven in our destiny, the principle of change unfolding to spiritualize our lives. Our Heaven's destiny is what is set before us in our true life. Just as superior people know and practice the easy and simple we too can avoid, the complications that arise from striving to flee from our responsibilities, from our position. 

This is the way to avoid exhausting our energy and living in fantasy. Avoiding this, returning to reality, we can instead observe the principle working in our daily life, the work of the spiritual in our position, destiny in our responsibilities. We can meet what is around us and respond well, respond in harmony. We can contemplate the metaphysical in and around us and act in the phenomenal. Repeating this over and over again we gradually go up. When Heaven dictates the time, we can move up in our position accordingly.