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Keto 10X And clarifies that "its consumption can be included in a healthy diet with a lifestyle that also takes into account the practice of physical exercise." Marhuenda stresses that the problem of "the vast majority of cocoa products" is that "they incorporate a much higher percentage of sugar and cocoa butter or fat than pure cocoa" because its original taste is bitter. "Precisely because of this poor quality of commercial cocoa, its consumption is totally expendable in the diet." "A cocoa product with 95% to 99% purity retains all the benefits and about 10 grams of this product could be consumed - one ounce - even on a daily basis within a balanced and healthy diet," estimates the dietitian-nutritionist, "Yes, we must keep in mind that this intake should reduce the consumption of other sugary foods and that I would not recommend it daily because we can obtain the same benefits by eating fruits, vegetables, whole foods, legumes ...". .