WB got a new games like Super Smash Bros?

Опубликовано coolboy - ср, 10/27/2021 - 16:14

The success that has been achieved by Super Smash Bros Ultimate in bringing the fighting genre to a more mainstream realm has not only benefited Nintendo, but has opened up space for other publishers to try to enter and try out the same market. The fact that they oversee several giant franchises which on paper are indeed interesting to be merged in the same space, there is potential for it to be successful. One of the latest rumors to surface? That Warner Bros. wants to try out the same concept.

Based on information from a well-known gaming journalist – Jeff Grubb who often throws a lot of leaks, this Smash Bros-style game project from Warner Bros. will most likely carry the name "Multiversus".

The concept is as crazy as we imagine, an opportunity to bring together Batman, Gandalf, Scooby Doo, to Tom & Jerry in the same room and make them fight each other. Grubb said that he also heard that WB was considering releasing the game in a free-to-play format. WB is also said to have no hesitation in injecting characters from television series and films such as Tony Soprano for example.

Unfortunately, WB itself still decided to keep its mouth shut at this time. There is no clarity about when the veil of mystery related to this game will be opened if it ends up being true. How about you? Multiversus sounds like the game you want to try?

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