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Today nearly everyone it seems Master keto diet has some kind of health issue. If it's not a serious internal illness like cancer, tumors or heart disease, then it's joint or mobility issues, inability to focus or any of thousands of different ailments affecting people today. Of course the human body is an immensely complex work of art and biology so the more complex something gets, the greater the chances of something going wrong.While most health insurance claims are processed correctly, you still need to be prepared for the few that aren't. Always follow-up with phone calls, ask for help and appeal an unfavorable outcome, if necessary. Be polite and enlist the claims representatives to be your allies. Remember, you deserve explanations that you can understand and help resolving any claims processing problems. I hope my organizational and troubleshooting tips are helpful.Example: My brother's doctor that specialized in infections was not a preferred provider. All of the claims from this provider were initially process as "Out-of-Network." I was able to prove that no "Infections Doctor" that was on the preferred provider list was available to treat my brother within 30 miles. An appeal, based on network provider availability, was then successful and the claim Third Situation: No network provider available. Any health insurance contract that I am familiar with has an exception for any network issues if no preferred provider is reasonably available. You may have a basis to appeal if you can show that no provider on the network will take you or that none of the preferred providers are within a reasonable travel range.